Tizzy T

Tizzy T is one of the most popular rappers in China in recent years.

He rose to fame by joining The Rap of China, one of the most successful reality competition shows in China with over 2.5 billion views. Born in Chaozhou, Guangdong, Tizzy first came in contact with Hip-Hop music when he was 15. He soon started to display an affinity and talent for this mostly rhythmic art form. Afterward, he started to try his hands at Hip-Hop production, delving deeply into anything production related. Through this process, he developed his own unique ability to become an all-encompassing artist, from production to lyrics and arrangements, he’s got it all. His first album Your Boy is one of Xiami Music’s Top 50 Most Popular Albums of 2016. The following August, he put out an all-digital release, 768 Mixtape. The music video “Zhao De Zhu” received over 3 million plays online. His infectious live shows and simple yet tantalizing music compositions quickly gained him a steady fanbase. The concept of “Your Boy” has also taken off among his fans, continuing to reinforce his youthful and happy-go-lucky image. In 2017, Tizzy T has been invited to perform at countless events, festivals, and TV variety shows. He has gradually become one of the top-grossing rappers in China.

Experience & Awards:

2010: Tizzy T won first place in a Beat Box competition “Zui Shang Yin” in south China

2012: Tizzy T founded  a Hip-Hop duo called Two Red, with his partner Person, creating music pieces in Chaozhou and Hakka dialects, which received favorable responses from the public;

2016: Tizzy T joined record label Yo Nation and released his debut record “Your Boy” and kicked off his China tour in 10 major cities; In March, he signed with MDSK, the Hip-Hop music label under Modern Sky and released his hit single “202”;

2017: Tizzy T took part in the phenomenal live competition show The Rap of China and ranked 6th in the semi-final round, gained recognition from judges and other industry leaders; Afterwards he got invited to several highest-rated variety shows including Happy Camp and Up Idol; In November, Tizzy co-composed a theme song “Xiang Ba Ni Liu Zai Zhe Li” for the movie Youth (2017) which was directed by China’s most bankable director Feng Xiaogang; In mid-December, Tizzy T won the “Best Upcoming Youth Artist Award” at Craftsmanship and Youth Role Model Award Ceremony by Beijing Youth Weekly; On December 31st, Tizzy T performed at Dragon TV’s New Year Eve Concert;

2018: Tizzy T won the “Artist to Watch of the Year Award” at NetEase Original Music Award Ceremony (“Indie Fireside Gathering”) by NetEase Cloud Music; Afterward, Tizzy released singles “Almost Famous”, “Irreplaceable” and “Gentleman” and started off his Nocturnal Zoo World Tour 2018.

Meanwhile, as a fashion idol, Tizzy T also was featured in and graced the cover of  prominent fashion and lifestyle magazines such as Milk, Size and Easy, etc.


Tizzy T,本名谢锐韬。


1993年2月22日出生于广东潮州。15岁开始接触音乐制作,很快就展现出过人的节奏触觉和天赋,曾在2010年就获得了华南地区”嘴上瘾”Beat Box大赛的冠军。此后,TT继续进取,开始踏上音乐制作人的道路,潜心研究相关的音乐器材和乐理知识,并在几年间以惊人的速度成长,练就了独立包办作曲、填词、编曲及后期混缩的出众能力。2012年,TT与搭档Person组成”双赤”(Two Red,创作了一系列潮汕方言音乐作品,赢得了良好的反响与人气。2016年初,TT正式加Yo Nation厂牌,并在1月底正式发布首张个人专辑《你的男孩》,并开始覆盖10个城市的你的男孩tt全国巡演。2017年3月,TT加入摩登天空旗下厂牌MDSK,随之发布单曲及MV《020》,反响非凡。



不止于音乐,时尚方面TT也多有涉猎。先后登上《Milk》、《Size》、《Easy》和《So Cool》等多本杂志封面,受到潮流界的一致青睐。