Akin 阿克江

Akin was supposed to be an anesthesiologist, but instead he cured many lost youngsters with his singing. His unique voice and inimitable transpose technique, they all fall on your ears and take you to the brand new dimension. Akin’s vocal magic has grown popular on the Internet and throughout almost every city in China as well as gaining fans abroad. As the grandson of a famous Kazakh poet, poetry was soaked into his blood — his composition structure is full of flavor; the surging bass and creamy melody slowly grows in your mind, and without noticing, you’ve already sung it all day long.

Since he published the single “Blue Moon” in Xiami Music‘s Fun Music Plan Project, Akin collaborated with producer VISUDY and published “Give u my tape,” “Seaside Motel” and more. As a soul singer/songwriter, his identity got a large number of followers from the beginning. “This voice could lick your ears” is the comment from lots of audience who have listened to his live show. With his collaborations with VISUDY, SUSUSU, JZLee and other musicians, his unique voice will continue to grow all over the world.

He not only won a lot support from different producers in China and abroad, but also got the attention of famous UK pirate radio Rinse FM. Akin also worked on The Voice of China’s second place singer Momo Wu’s album in 2015, as well as singing on Momo’s single, “Blue Moon,” which he helped create.

On “Sing! China” TV Show (which used to be called “The Voice of China”), he made the national top 10 of Harlem Yu’s Team.

At the Original Songs Creation Competition, his song “Love Music, I Create” won National Second Place.

He also founded the Secret Life music label. Akin is a frequent performer in every domestic music festival in China with Runaway From Club, a group which he founded. He also often performs live with collaborator VISUDY.

阿克江· 阿依丁 (Akin)

哈萨克族,“中国新歌声” [原“中国好声音”] 哈林组全国十强


成立【secret life】音乐厂牌

成立 Runaway From Club 乐队活跃于国内各个音乐节舞台

与搭档 VISUDY 的组合也是国内各大音乐节的常客.


爷爷是哈萨克族著名诗人的他,流淌着诗歌沁润的血液,充满未来气息的作曲结构,澎湃的贝斯和绵密旋律,慢慢植入了你 的脑海,在不经意间,已经哼唱了一天。

自从在虾米玩乐计划发行单曲“BLUE MOON”后,阿克江 Akin 紧接着与制作人 VISUDY 进行合作,并发布了“Give u my tape”“Seaside Motel”等音乐作品,独一无二的 R&B 唱法,特有的酥麻嗓音,也为他“麻醉”了众多国内外听众, 作为 soul singer/songwriter 的身份便开始受到了大量的关注。

“这声音会舔你耳朵眼”这是诸多听过他现场的观众对他的评价,通过与 VISUDY、SUSUSU、JZLee 等音乐人合作将他独一 无二的声音传播至全世界。这不仅赢得了众多国内外制作人的支持更让他的声音出现在了英国著名海盗电台 Rinse FM。